CVL Published in VEJ Summer 2018

The Summer 2018 edition of the Virtual Education Journal (VEJ) asks:

“What If…virtual experiences can level the playing field by building a common vocabulary, shared experiences, and lasting impressions that close the achievement gap for learners of all ages?”

CVL librarians Valerie Hill, Marie Vans, and Alyse Dunavant-Jones answered this question with an article on pages 66-75 about CVL’s Virtual Worlds Database, “a tool for connecting metaverse communities”.

Metaverse Libraries, 2016

The article offers a brief history of CVL and librarians as “early ‘children of the metaverse'”, defines “metaverse”, describes CVL’s Metaverse Libraries initiative in Kitely, the complications of navigating multiple virtual worlds (and what CVL is doing in-world to mitigate these difficulties),  and introduces the Virtual Worlds Database and the need to catalog virtual worlds.

Lighthouse on Metaverse Libraries, 2016

Other articles in the Summer 2018 edition of VEJ cover virtual worlds for education, emerging VR and AR technologies like Oculus Rift and Google Cardboard, a keynote from the 9th Annual Virtual Center for Archives and Records Administration Conference, performance art, recaps from the 11th Annual Virtual Worlds Best Practices in Education conference, and much more!

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