The Community Virtual Library began in Second Life in 2007 as the Info Archipelago, part of the Alliance Library System. In 2017, CVL joined the IRC 501(c)3 nonprofit New Media Arts Inc.

CVL’s main library branch is located on Cookie Island in Second Life (SL URL: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cookie/191/210/21).

CVL is also building branches and partnering with existing libraries in 3DWebWorldz, Avacon, CybaLOUNGE, and Kitely.

The Community Virtual Library provides free library resources and services to the residents of Second Life. CVL provides a demonstration virtual library with open-source content, and has exhibit, presentation, and meeting spaces available to CVL members and affiliated groups. CVL volunteer members are librarians, educators, and library lovers.

Vision Statement
Virtual spaces for learning, resource-sharing, and exploration.

Mission Statement
Community Virtual Library is the hub that connects digital citizens in virtual worlds with the information and resources they seek.

Guiding Principles

Advocate digital citizenship
Understanding the changing needs of library users and learners in digital culture, the Community Virtual Library (CVL) strives to model digital citizenship for all age groups.

Foster connecting virtual communities
CVL believes virtual communities are vital “resources” for digital citizens and fosters networking and forming community partnerships as well as sharing communities of interest with visitors.

Support information literacy
CVL embeds core values of librarianship in new media formats with emphasis on respect for intellectual property, information freedom rights of all users, and personal responsibility for digital citizenship.

Adapt and innovate
CVL models adapting technology tools to meet the needs of learners and information seekers through innovative formats in virtual spaces, including sharing virtual worlds, landmarks to immersive learning environments, collections of virtual learning communities, and exploration of virtual reality.


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