Grant Resources

CVL Librarian Alyse Dunavant-Jones presents about grants at Nonprofit Commons in Second Life, February 2020
CVL Grants Presentation at Nonprofit Commons in Second Life, February 2020

grant service Subscription

The Community Virtual Library has partnered with AvaCon, Inc. to provide grant resources from a grant subscription service. This service offers planning resources, proposal writing resources, and an extensive database of grant opportunities.

How Does It Work?

  • Contact CVL’s Director Val Hill ( or Assistant Director Alyse Dunavant-Jones ( to schedule an appointment.
  • You will be assigned a grants librarian who has training in the service’s resources.
  • You can then work with the librarian asynchronously through email or chat,
  • Or you can meet live through Zoom, Skype, or another platform available to both you and the librarian.
  • You will not have login access to the service. However, the librarian can share their screen and any resources relevant to your search.
  • The librarian cannot prepare or submit a grant application for you. However, the librarian can help you find relevant grants and resources on preparing and submitting a grant.

Who is eligible?

Nonprofit organizations and individuals who are members of the Community Virtual Library or Nonprofit Commons are eligible for this free service.

Grantwriting assistance

CVL Librarian Alyse Dunavant-Jones has training in grant writing and is looking for real world experience. She is offering free grant writing services to members and partners of the Community Virtual Library and Nonprofit Commons. Email to schedule a consultation.

NPC Library Collection

CVL Librarian Bree Theodore (jodielandon in virtual worlds) maintains a collection of grant resources at CVL’s Nonprofit Resource Library in Second Life.

Grants Presentations

Grantseeking for Virtual World Nonprofits presentation (given at the Nonprofit Commons in Second Life, February 2020):

CVL Collection Highlight: Grant Resources presentation (given at the Nonprofit Commons in Second Life, May 2021):