Marly Milena Music Library

Visit this CVL branch dedicated to musicians in Second Life!


This Community Virtual Library branch is a collaboration between the Community Virtual Library and Octagon: Creative Exploration. To learn more about CVL, join the Second Life Library 2.0 group in Second Life or visit our homepage.

To learn more about Octagon, join the Octagon:Creative Exploration group in Second Life or visit Octagon’s website. Octagon hosts diverse events, including art, music, and therapy exercises and exhibits.

To volunteer at the Music Library or give feedback, please contact katsii.tennen or valibrarian in Second Life.

about the marly milena music library

Library Mission:
Find, connect, and support composers and performers in Second Life and to catalog, display, and document/preserve their original music in varying formats.

Library Vision:
Be a vibrant hub for musicians and music lovers in virtual worlds.

Library Goals:

  1. Find and connect composers in SL & display/catalog their music.
  2. Encourage performers who give concerts in SL to submit concert recordings for display and sharing at the library.
  3. Display and share scores for SL pianists, etc. that might be interested in playing the pieces.
  4. Display and share public domain books about music, famous composers, singers, etc.
  5. Host periodic garden performances (stream in chamber music and have animated figures playing or have singers, dancers, etc.)
  6. Foster creative discussions about music in Second Life (its creation, use, performance, impact, etc.)
  7. Educate people about music in Second Life through our collection, exhibits, discussions, and other events.

These goals may broaden in the future to include other virtual world artists, etc. But for now, we will focus on: Second Life composers and performers and their original works–especially works about, written for, or performed in Second Life.

contribute to the music library

You can nominate yourself or another Second Life musician for inclusion in the Music Library. To do so, fill out our Music Library Nomination Form.

Nominated musicians will be contacted by the Music Library Selection Committee and asked to submit two samples of their music.

All musicians included in the library must create original music. Their compositions must be about, inspired by, created in, performed in, or otherwise related to Second Life.
Artists who are no longer in Second Life or who have passed on are eligible for nomination as long as their music included in the library is relevant to Second Life.

Selection Committee & Guidelines

Due to limited space, the library’s collection focuses on musicians who appeal to general and moderate audiences who have made a significant contribution to music in Second Life. Selections are made by a diverse committee of musicians, music lovers, and music experts who take the following criteria into account:

  • Is this music? (Does it contain “vocal, instrumental, or mechanical sounds having rhythm, melody, or harmony“?)
  • Is this music original? (Does this artist only do covers? If music is not completely original [parody, for example], will displaying the content in the library violate the original composer’s copyright?)
  • Is the music suitable for a general or moderate audience? (Are there explicit lyrics? Is the music excessively violent or sexual? Would educators be comfortable bringing a class of adults to listen to this music?)
  • Has the musician made an impact in Second Life? (Is their music widely available? Do they have a following? Is their music performed regularly or well-known?)
  • If the musician is new to Second Life and/or creating music (they have less experience and/or haven’t built a fanbase yet), does their music sound good? (Does this musician have potential to make an impact in Second Life?)

As libraries are anti-censorship and dedicated to serving our communities, the above criteria is open to adjustment based on community feedback. If you have questions or comments about the selection criteria, please contact katsii.tennen in Second Life.

If you are interested in serving on the Music Library Acquisitions Committee, please fill out the Music Library Selection Committee Nomination Form.

All content in the library must be assigned a Creative Commons license. CC licenses provide a simple, standardized way to give permission or restrict the ways others can share and use your work.

For more information, research copyright law as it applies to nonprofit organizations and creative works in the U.S. For legal advice, please contact a copyright lawyer.

Music Library Planning Committee – Thank You!!

The Marly Milena Music Library would not exist without these folks (names listed are avatar names in Second Life):

  • alysedunavantjones: CVL Assistant Director, 2017-2021; created the library’s shell and greenhouse motif, the music seats and screen for the theatre; created copyright guidelines; created cataloging/metadata requirements/guidelines; created entry form for artists interested in being included in the collection; recruited Dawn; organized committee documents, discussions/decisions, and timelines
  • Dawn Greymyst: Library Director at a University of Hawaii; created the library’s interior beginning with the music cafe and including surrounding landscaping; worked closely with Alyse to make sure the library’s interior would suit the library’s desired content; recruited Russell to perform; assisted with photoshop design for albums; advice for overall library creation, development, and sustainability
  • francisco.koolhoven: Octagon: Creative Exploration Administrative Assistant; technical assistance and advice, including the creation of the music note meditation pods
  • katsii.tennen: Octagon: Creative Exploration Recruitment Manager; copyright research; copyright notecards for content; liaison with Marly; catalog entry; musician and content recruiting
  • marly.milena: Octagon: Creative Exploration Creator/Leader: Visionary, Overall Consultant, Content Contributor
  • Valibrarian Gregg: ACRL VWIG rep and CVL Director; this library would not have opened on time without Val’s organization and communication finesse

Special Thank You’s

  • A Special Thank You to Ari (Arisia Vita) for streaming and animating Marly’s piano music during the library’s grand opening in April 2020.
  • And a Special Thank You to Russell Eponym, the library’s first performer when the library broke ground in April 2019 and who returned in April 2020 to perform for the library’s grand opening!