Digital Citizenship Museum

CVL Digital Citizenship Museum in Kitely

CVL’s Digital Citizenship Museum in Kitely (hop:// is an immersive educational experience that raises awareness of digital citizenship to the virtual world community as a whole. In addition to exhibit buildings, the Museum also has space for invited presentation and community networking.

The Museum was inspired by a CVL exhibit which ran from February-December 2017. With a diverse group of presenters and a broad range of topics, this was one of the most popular exhibits CVL has launched. As a result of continued favorable responses, the CVL board of directors decided to open a permanent museum on Cookie II in Kitely.

The mission of the CVL Digital Citizenship Museum is to be a leader in the pursuit to ensure every person is digitally literate through education, raising awareness, and building community around the challenges and solutions of digital literacy. The space encompasses diverse digital literacy definitions and best practices as well as new information and research as it becomes available.

Exhibits include:

  • Alyse Dunavant-Jones – Curating Virtual World Communities
  • Dancers Yao (Kara Bennett) –  Exploring Ways of Being a Digital Citizen Creating a Virtual Community Drum
  • Valibrarian Gregg-  Vision Through a Digitial Citizen’s Eyes
  • Elle Thorkveld-  InterstellART
  • Lyr Lobo – Women in STEAM
  • Marie Vans – Digital Citizenship for Kids
  • Thinkerer Evans – Digital Street Smarts
  • SparkyBear Mandelbrot – Terms of Service
  • Starlight Darkmatter – Avatars and AI as Digital Citizens
  • Thuja Hynes – Inspiration Island Virtual Projects
  • Zinnia Zauber – Authentic Avatar
  • Erik Moore – Cybersecurity

Contribute to the Digital Citizenship Museum!

Are you a student or expert in a topic related to digital literacy? CVL would love to host your posters, objects, and other media!

Please fill out the Digital Citizenship Museum – Exhibit Proposal form. All applicants are welcome, and exhibitors do not need to create a Kitely account. A CVL volunteer will contact you to assist in creating your exhibit in Kitely.

For questions about the Museum, please contact our Digital Citizenship Museum Director, Dr. Marie Vans (amvans Lapis in SL; amvans lapiz in Kitely).