Explore-SL Spreadsheet

Visit the Explore-SL Spreadsheet Today! http://goo.gl/3G2BE4

About the spreadsheet

Most of CVL’s projects are courteous of passionate volunteers, and this spreadsheet is no different. For years, Eileen Kramer (Iyoba BatOni in SL) has taken the time to comb Second Life for sims including libraries, museums, exhibitions, tutorials, galleries, and more. She not only finds these landmarks, however. Iyoba also regularly revisits the landmarks to ensure they are still there.

How prolific is Iyoba? As of November 2019, the Explore-SL spreadsheet has 865 up-to-date entries!

How Do i search the spreadsheet?

An easy “cheat” for searching a spreadsheet is CTRL F. This will bring up a search box.

For more advanced sort and filter options, Google provides a “sort & filter your data” help page for Google Sheets (the spreadsheet’s format). The sheet is View Only, so there are some limitations. However, with View Only mode, you never have to worry about deleting an entry by mistake!

The database also uses a color code. Below is the key (also located at the end of the spreadsheet):

  • Pink: A site is a new addition to the Spreadsheet added after 12/1/18
  • Gray: A site no longer exists 😦 Date of last update is after 12/1/18
  • Green: A site received a visit and update after 12/1/18