RUCC18: CVL Director Presents!

Rockliffe Annual Conference 2018 - 2nd Annual Rockliffe University Consortium Conference, Fort Mason Center, San Francisco, Nov 9-10, 2018, Recharge Your Profession at the Future Present - RUCC takes traditional conferencing methods and converts them into experiential ones exploring virtual, augmented and mixed realities in digital literacy, curation and citizenship. - #EdTech #VR/AR #Mixed-Reality #DigitalLiteracy

On November 9-10, 2018, Rockliffe University Consortium (RUC) hosted their second annual Rockliffe University Consortium Conference (RUCC18) at the Fort Mason Center for Arts and Culture in San Francisco, California. Virtual attendees also engaged with the conference through a live stream.

The Conference Organizing Committee included: Kevin Feenan, Leticia De Leon, Leslie Riggs, Jeanette McDonald, Elisa Butler, and Becky Adams. Volunteers included: Valerie Hill, Jessica F. Handley, Jessica Sanchez-Barrera, Renne Emiko Brock, Alex Streczyn-Woods, and Lorraine Mockford.

Fort Mason Center in San Francisco at sunset, November 2018
Fort Mason Center in San Francisco at sunset, November 2018
View of Golden Gate bridge from Fort Mason Center, November 2018
View of Golden Gate bridge from Fort Mason Center, November 2018

RUCC18 emphasized experiential learning. As such, the conference was BYOD (Bring-Your-Own-Device), encouraging presenters to incorporate the use of participants’ laptops, tablets, or smartphones in participatory experiences. RUCC18 also encouraged social media use (#RUCC and @urockliffe on Twitter) and provided group chats, infographics, and professional development badges and certificates for participants.

CVL’s Director, Dr. Valerie Hill, (Val), conducted a workshop on “Digital Citizenship through Immersive Learning”–a topic near and dear to CVL!

Digital Citizenship -

The workshop defined digital citizenship and asserted that digital citizenship has become essential for learners of all ages as technology has revolutionized how we learn. Val showcased CVL as a real library located in virtual worlds that uses immersive learning environments to promote digital citizenship.Digital Rights: Participatory Rights Management, Intellectual Property Rights Management, Privacy Management; Digital Literacy: Data AI Literacies, Content Creation and Computational Literacies, Media and Information Literacies; Digital Communication: Public Mass Communication, Online communication and Collaboration, Digital Footprint Management; Digital Emotional Intelligence: Relationship Management, Self-Awareness and Management, Digital Empathy; Digital Security: Password Cyber Security Management, Networking Security Management, Organisational Cyber Security Management; Digital Safety: Behavioral Cyber-Risk Management, Content Cyber-Risk Management, Commercial Cyber-Risk Management; Digital Use: Civic Use of Technology, Healthy Use of Technology, Balanced Use of Technology; Digital Identity: Digital Changemaker Identity, Digital co-creator Identity, Digital citizen IdentityVal also shared two video clips that exemplified CVL’s efforts through the Digital Citizenship Museum in Kitely: Erik Moore’s Cybersecurity lecture and Alyse Dunavant-Jones’s discussion of Digital Curation and the Virtual Worlds Database. Val’s presentation materials, including Erik’s and Alyse’s videos are available through Google Drive.

Additional conference activities included:

  • Learning for the Future: Tinkering with the Schema of School“, Keynote by Dr. Pamela Redmond
  • “Are Your 1000 Words Worth a Picture?”, Workshop by Jessica F. Handley, Jessica Sanchez-Barrera, and Josefina Stoleson utilizing Piktochart
  • “Achieving Virtually Real Accessibility”, Hands on Play by Leslie Riggs with introduction to American Sign Language and challenges in (and advice for) teaching deaf and hard-of-hearing learners
  • “Mobile Technology in Clinical Orientation”, Lecture by Dr. Hope Bauman introducing Nearpod
  • “Create an Immersive Learning Experience using H5P: All of the Bang None of the Flash”, Hands on Play by George W. Handley III, Roberto Rivera, and Anthony Salinas creating with H5P and FlipGrid app
  • “Experiential Learning at the California Academy of Sciences”, Experiential museum visit with augmented reality Metaverse app
  • “Experiential Learning through a Mixed Reality Game”, Free Play adventure around Fort Mason with augmented reality Metaverse app
  • “Superheroes’ Transformative Digital Storytelling”, Workshop by Renne Brock introducing Unique as You content and concepts
  • “The Do’s and Don’ts of Visual Design in Teaching”, Workshop by Josefina Stoleson, Jessica Sanchez-Barrera, and Jessica F. Handley using GIMP, IconsDB, Vecteezy, Canva Color Schemes, Canva Color Generator, and Creative Commons
  • “Addressing Cognitive Dissonance in the Classroom”, Hands on Play by Kevin Feenan
  • “Instructional Approaches to Utilizing Chatbots”, Workshop by Jessica Sanchez-Barrera, Francisco Garcia, Zoroayka Sandoval with Snatchbot, Pandorabots, and Dialogflow
  • “Visual Interactive Study Groups Benefit Learners in an Online Environment”, Lecture by Jennifer Claire
  • “Virtual Infographic Gallery Showcase and Networking”, Virtual viewing and discussion of:
  • To Boldly Go: Education, Technology, and Captain Kirk“, Keynote by Dr. Chris Haskell

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