Education Network & Consortium

CVL Education network

The Community Virtual Library’s Becky Adams (Elli Pinion in Second Life) maintains a spreadsheet that helps learners, educators and collaborators navigate a wide variety of virtual landscapes. The CVL Education Network shows WHO is in WHAT world and WHEN!

Virtual Worlds Education Consortium

With the help of Niela Miller (Marly Milena in Second Life), Becky has also launched the VWEC (Virtual World Education Consortium).

When:  Quarterly (January, April, July, and October — Wednesday @ 9am SLT/Pacific). Check CVL’s Events Calendar for dates.

Where:  Community Virtual Library Main Branch in Second Life (SLURL:

VWEC held its first meeting on January 6, 2020. For meeting chat logs, click the left menu on this page (on mobile devices, the menu will appear at the bottom of this page).

The goal of the VWEC is to bring educators together both to share what has been successful and to tackle obstacles across virtual platforms and communities. Through meeting quarterly, educational communities can collaborate and document progress on best practices for teaching and learning in virtual environments.  

For more information contact: Valibrarian Gregg, Elli Pinion or Marly Milena in Second Life.

As the educational community has continued to thrive in Virtual Worlds, likely supported by recent events, it keeps coming up that coordinating efforts might be beneficial to all in the educational community.  For this reason, we are reaching out to our educational communities to see if you are interested in joining together with educators of Second Life, and other VWs, periodically to look at common large-scale issues together, to promote communication and support for educational efforts across educational groups and others involved in the design and implementation of educational programs in virtual venues.  

Dr. becky adams, educator & CVL volunteer, 2020